Definition of bearded in English:



  • 1Having a growth of hair on one's cheeks and chin.

    ‘beside me sat a pair of bearded men’
    in combination ‘a grey-bearded man’
    • ‘Half an hour later, with the sun now rising over the desert, you began to be able to pick out the monks themselves, black-bearded, black-robed, hooded and cowled in their stalls.’
    • ‘A formal portrait shows a bushy-bearded man with a glint of a smile reflected in his eyes.’
    • ‘They have naturally attracted the usual would-be vanguards of the socialist revolution, and many are, in the words of The Economist, mere "talking shops for bearded leftists."’
    • ‘He was an arresting figure - tall, bald, and white-bearded in a day when beards were scarcely ever seen.’
    • ‘There, across the street, a boy in his teens leaned against a stall, chatting casually with a gray-bearded man.’
    • ‘Half of his face was bearded, the other clean-shaven and sporting lipstick and eyeliner, something so daring that it seemed that Mardi Gras had made an appearance in Sofia.’
    • ‘Roberts was a lanky, full-bearded man with jet-black hair, a Quaker, and, like so many in his family, a man of exceptional mathematical skills.’
    • ‘I was worried that the audience would be my peers, bearded and balding, but in fact most of them were half my age.’
    • ‘The biggest man, a burly bearded fellow, stepped in front of the others and pointed his loaded crossbow at Tak.’
    • ‘This bearded and soft-spoken environmentalist poured out his heart, urging human beings to stop considering themselves the sole master of the earth, and instead start viewing themselves as just a small part of the whole beautiful order of nature.’
    • ‘Bearded and flanked by a double bassist and a drummer he looks every inch the troubled, acoustic troubadour.’
    • ‘The bearded, gravel-voiced Zimmer even stars in his own ads, because he believes his everyman persona calms shoppers.’
    • ‘They're thinking of the long-haired and bearded flower children whose Sgt Peppers album ushered in the Summer of Love in 1967.’
    • ‘The bearded Dominican priest, who's based at St Mary's in Tallaght, Dublin, believes articles should be brief, all-encompassing and understandable to a 12-year-old.’
    • ‘For Dan, a square-jawed, bearded 36-year-old dressed in black, there's no better job.’
    • ‘The sullen, bearded Conway did not resist.’
    • ‘Patriarchally bearded, he presided over the gathering picturesquely, but the real work of devising the draft constitution fell to others such as Griffith, Inglis Clark, Barton, and Kingston.’
    • ‘He was a massive, bearded man of violent temper.’
    • ‘He is 36, bearded, tubby and bespectacled.’
    • ‘Wearing his trademark knee-length coat and black hat, the bearded Charlie was his usual relaxed self.’
    • ‘The bearded artist, wearing sunglasses, faces the viewer.’
    unshaven, whiskered, whiskery, bewhiskered
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    1. 1.1 (of an animal) having a tuft of hair on its chin.
      ‘a bearded seal’
      • ‘"I grew up with the ice with my dad taking me out every spring, hunting walrus and bearded seal, picking berries, fishing," he said.’
      • ‘They have a wicked bearded collie called Dudley who I spent a lot of time winding up!’
      • ‘Bearded tit numbers recorded in East Anglia during the 1991 breeding season were remarkably low.’
      • ‘Although many citizens have taken a keen interest in the bearded vulture's recovery, old prejudices about the bird die hard.’
      • ‘"It may make things spin out a little bit more if there are more harbor seals or bearded seals around to access," Stirling said.’
      • ‘Pekinese, bearded collies, dachshunds and Yorkshire terriers were among the 260 dogs seized at a single house in Lancashire last month.’
      • ‘Although bearded vultures were nearly eliminated from Europe and northern Africa, they continued to inhabit their range in Asia in good numbers.’
      • ‘A bearded dragon and a three-foot long iguana narrowly escaped death when they were abandoned in a car park in sealed airtight boxes.’
      • ‘His colleagues have been debating whether the carcass belongs to a bearded seal, a walrus or a beluga whale.’
      • ‘The second, smaller box contained an adult bearded dragon, normally a native of Australia.’
      • ‘The fluid, lolloping gait of the bearded gastropod demands the use of reins by the rider both for balance and for control.’
      • ‘A blue-tongued skink and a bearded dragon are just some of the many varied creatures on display at a new centre dedicated to animals which has been officially opened.’
      • ‘The offences related to nine puppies, a kitten, a hamster, mice, a rat, a canary and a bearded dragon lizard.’
      • ‘He killed 13 animals worth around USD 5,500, including a turtle, bearded dragons and thorny devil lizards.’
      • ‘The death knell could also be sounded for other species dependent on the ice, such as the ringed seal, bearded seal and little auk.’
      • ‘Among the thousands of observations submitted to the Norfolk Bird Report, none are more welcome than details of the local bearded tit population.’
      • ‘The three-year-old bearded collie has developed a phobia to firework explosions.’
      • ‘He also came face to face with a bearded dragon - an Australian lizard, stick insects and a tarantula.’
      • ‘Public viewing hides at the reserve and on the shores of the Bay offer glimpses of the rare bearded tit and bittern.’
    2. 1.2 (of a plant) having a tuft of hair or bristles.
      ‘bearded irises’
      • ‘Bearded irises grow from rhizomes by generating an "increase," which produces the next bloom stalk.’
      • ‘My forte is a beautiful, tall bearded iris of heavy substance.’
      • ‘I was accustomed to bearded iris that would rot if it so much as rained for three days straight.’
      • ‘Petals can fall deeply towards the ground or be more upright, leaves can be various shades of green or variegated with white or yellow, and blooms can be bearded or not.’
      • ‘Bearded iris have a remarkable ability to survive poor conditions, but they grow and bloom best in rich, well-drained soil.’
      • ‘Bearded iris must have good drainage and one way of ensuring this is to plant them in carefully prepared raised beds.’
      • ‘Originally most bearded irises had droopy falls (the petals that hang down).’
      • ‘Now is the best time to set out rhizomes of bearded irises.’
      • ‘We recommend that you follow these five golden rules for success with bearded irises.’