Definition of bearably in English:



  • See bearable

    • ‘Their mocking, svelte sexiness made even this pallid romp almost bearably romplike.’
    • ‘Dining areas are bearably lit, winningly sleek, and surprisingly clean.’
    • ‘They don't recommend their ‘mud season’ in late winter/early spring, but their summers are bearably hot.’
    • ‘It was widely considered in the town that if the world was under ten feet of snow the guardhouse would remain just bearably cool.’
    • ‘However, I could also blame most of my future health problems and failures to bearably socialize on the ungodly video game, if so many child shrinks and Senators Joseph Lieberman and Herb Kohl would tell me.’
    • ‘But no, it alternates between providing only cold showers, and providing (if the hot tap is jammed fully open) just bearably tepid showers.’
    • ‘It starts bearably enough, with Prince in search of a song, thumbing through his James Brown-by-numbers rule-book on the title track.’
    • ‘My recitation went bearably, apart from a little trip at an uncertain point.’