Definition of bearability in English:



  • See bearable

    • ‘Air travel was already at the ragged edge of bearability before this latest threat arose.’
    • ‘As the threads of Caffery's past and the crime in the present wind together, Hayder builds up the tension past the point of bearability.’
    • ‘Avramov said basic principles of taxation policy have been violated and the degree of bearability has been passed, which would result in tax evasion and the small-scale business will go to the ‘grey zone’.’
    • ‘This threesome (aided by seven) compiled thirteen songs varying in speed, density, and bearability, each of which is very, very unique.’
    • ‘It makes a big difference both in comfort and bearability’
    • ‘In a democratic society it is unfathomable for only one community to have the right to its freedom, culture and symbols, while other communities are expected to live like strangers who are constantly kept on the minimum of bearability.’
    • ‘Mr. Cooper, luckily, is well qualified to keep such comic material within range of masculine bearability.’
    • ‘To estimate territorial bearability and to establish environmental signs which will allow us to foresee and to assess the impact of these activities in the area.’
    • ‘Overpriced in my opinion, but at least on the brink of bearability, even with my curmudgeonly grumbling.’
    • ‘The development stage and bearability of developing members should be taken into full consideration during the negotiations.’
    • ‘Frequency range of this sound on the edge of bearability.’
    • ‘Hackman and Patrick Swayze, however, perk things up past the point of scant bearability.’
    • ‘Diesel engines were once very crude things, often doing their best to pilfer ideas from the best petrol engines in order to imbue them with some semblance of bearability.’