Definition of bear witness (or testimony) to in English:

bear witness (or testimony) to


  • 1Testify to.

    ‘little is left to bear witness to the past greatness of the city’
    • ‘Yes, after the many horrors he's bore witness to, I'm not surprised as to why he is so reclusive.’
    • ‘A case in point - only a week after the legislation was brought into place I personally bore witness to what could only be termed as pure stupidity as little boy racers took to the water in one of our main ports.’
    • ‘Damien ate cartloads of food every day - I bore witness to that - but never gained the body mass to prove it.’
    • ‘But, if you do that, you are not actually bearing witness to what has happened to them and it is extremely difficult.’
    • ‘The sober person will bear witness to all the messy foibles of your evening.’
    • ‘Dhaka is a city with architecture that bears witness to more than 400 years of her history.’
    • ‘It has not been an easy process and all of you can bear testimony to that.’
    • ‘I think the California energy crisis a few years back bears testimony to that.’
    • ‘My children bear witness as to how successful this is.’
    • ‘And I'd also add that the experience of Matt Cooper, who I represent, sort of bears witness to what can happen.’
    • ‘Millions of Americans gather around their television each year in early May to bear witness to what has become known as the greatest two minutes in sport.’
    • ‘Here you are bearing witness to actually terrible suffering in Australia.’
    • ‘A couple of bars still stand nearby, bearing silent witness to the passing of better days.’
    • ‘A friendly and very respectable man, the attendance at his funeral in Newbridge last week, bore testimony to his popularity in the local community.’
    • ‘He quickly summons his friends to bear witness to what they see, and, ever the methodical investigator, he even goes so far as to get them to write down what they observe and then sign their affidavits.’
    • ‘There is definitely money - 4x4 vehicles, restaurants, hotels and mansions on Luanda's beachfront bear testimony to that.’
    • ‘The old clock still works accurately bearing witness to nearly a century that is behind it.’
    • ‘The monument bears witness to 54 women who have gone missing from downtown Vancouver streets - some 15 miles from the farm - in the last two decades.’
    • ‘It breaks my heart to bear witness to what has become of T & T's social fabric as the result of the relentless pursuit of material rewards and possessions at the expense of all else.’
    • ‘I have been checking in with Win since he moved into Room 607, to bear witness to what can happen when someone society has given up on is given a fresh start.’
    testify to, be evidence of, be proof of, attest to, confirm, evidence, prove, vouch for
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    1. 1.1 State or show one's belief in.
      ‘people bearing witness to Jesus’
      • ‘And his recent works, exhibited at the newly-opened Kashi Art Gallery in Bazar Road of Mattancherry, also bear testimony to his beliefs.’
      • ‘Of particular interest was Dennis Tupicoff's His Mother's Voice, based on a radio interview with an Australian mother bearing witness to how she discovered the sudden death of her 16-year-old son.’
      • ‘The preacher does not just bear witness to some creed - he bears witness to the truths that live in his heart and, in so doing, communicates these living truths to the hearts of others.’
      • ‘Her Edinburgh studio bears witness to this immersion in Scapa Flow.’
      • ‘We must learn from them as they bear witness to and engage the biblical witness to God's revelation.’
      • ‘The Saatchi advertising and point of sale material bears witness to the trust and passion between the 40 founding friends.’
      • ‘Poetry, in its modern role of having to suffice for the amorphous outside of other discourses, in its scavenging role as witness of the unsaid and unsayable, bears witness to rejection.’
      • ‘Faith demands a commitment to bear witness to belief in a real and practical way.’
      • ‘This life-which is bearing witness to faith-is revealed in scripture, celebrated in worship, and lived in the service of others, what I would call hospitality and care.’
      • ‘It's as if people are bearing testimony with their hair that God lives and is angry.’
      • ‘You stand in a long and honourable tradition of Christians bearing witness to the love of Christ in hard and dangerous places.’
      • ‘As a monument to the power of one man to bear witness to the Gospel - and to share that witness with millions of others - his papacy was one of the greatest ever.’
      • ‘Today's women are bombarded by images of ever-shrinking stars who seem to bear testimony to the belief that to be thin is to be happy and successful.’
      • ‘Her conversion in September bears witness to her own new found beliefs.’