Definition of bear up in English:

bear up

phrasal verb

  • Remain cheerful in the face of adversity:

    ‘she's bearing up remarkably well’
    • ‘‘Farmers are bearing up to the crisis remarkably well,’ said Mr Gullett.’
    • ‘Through it all, Ho has been bearing up as well as he can.’
    • ‘In my mind, dignity comes from bearing up under suffering we meet throughout our lives rather than letting it destroy us, and from facing fears rather than caving in to them.’
    • ‘Your Mom goes shopping with Dottie and Betty, and over low-fat frozen-yogurt in the food court they worry about how Gloria's been bearing up since her Frank went into the hospital.’
    • ‘We are in touch with him and his is bearing up well and keeping himself busy.’
    • ‘Well, she is bearing up as well as she can simply because between her and my father they never left anything unsaid, particularly their love for each other.’
    • ‘She added: ‘Tina is bearing up as well as can be expected.’’
    • ‘That, and a few personal asides on how he is bearing up under the pressure he has been under over the past few months, should have sufficed as a justification for the 45 bill each member of the lobby had to stump up for the three courses.’
    • ‘Edmond bore up bravely and I think even enjoyed himself quite a bit, despite a tap-dancing scene which exceeded my tolerance as well.’
    • ‘‘I hope he is personally bearing up under the strain of all of this and obviously we will hear more this afternoon,’ he said.’
    • ‘It'll be interesting to see how he bears up under this and what happens.’
    • ‘The children are bearing up as well as can be expected.’
    • ‘She is bearing up very well, but she has had a tremendous shock.’
    • ‘A police spokeswoman said: ‘They're bearing up well considering the circumstances, but are obviously very anxious for Danielle's welfare.’’
    • ‘His wife is okay and bearing up at the moment and we are just very shocked by what has happened and don't really know what to say.’
    • ‘He told me the Queen was bearing up bravely but that Charles couldn't speak to anyone at the moment.’
    • ‘He is really upset that his mum is suddenly gone, but he is bearing up really well, I am very proud of him, and I am sure his mum would be too.’
    • ‘They are very determined and they're bearing up well but their freedom has been taking away from them.’
    • ‘The victim is bearing up reasonably well considering her ordeal.’
    • ‘It's a learning experience for sure, something you have to bear up for and get through.’
    cope, persevere, manage, endure
    muddle along, muddle through, get through, get on, carry on, get along, deal with the situation
    grin and bear it, weather the storm
    make out, get by, hack it
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