Definition of bear the burden of in English:

bear the burden of


  • Suffer the consequences of.

    ‘taxpayers bear the burden of government's mistakes’
    • ‘Everyone should agree that the burden of debt borne by many of the world's poorest nations is a serious barrier to long-term development and social justice.’
    • ‘Science cannot bear the burden we place upon it.’
    • ‘It was a lionization of the ‘good man,’ who quietly bears the burden for his neighbor.’
    • ‘The first thing that he thought about was still not how to calm down the immense dissatisfaction with the burden borne by the villagers.’
    • ‘If so, why do taxpayers need to substantially bear the burden of liability in case of accidents?’
    • ‘It seems that Marco, a well dressed, polite gentleman, has borne the burden for all these years, becoming infamous in Italy for that particular sitter.’
    • ‘A defendant bears an evidential burden in relation to the matter in subsection.’
    • ‘She said the delegation would raise issues about the burden borne by council tax payers towards the cost of the floods and the fact that many houses in Rawcliffe were still not habitable.’
    • ‘USF now bears a substantial burden of proving the serious charges it has lodged against its faculty member.’
    • ‘Italy, for example, is bearing a debt burden worth more than 106% of its annual output.’
    • ‘They are often left bearing the emotional burdens of those who are presuming to guide them, be it teacher or parent.’
    • ‘We believe society is bearing a burden for the individual behavioral choices of the smokers.’
    • ‘That liberty and freedom are something worth fighting for, worth bearing a burden for.’
    • ‘My concern is who is bearing the tax burden in those countries?’
    • ‘It is not only mothers who suffer when they fail to rise to the challenge of working what amounts to a double shift, since it is they who must bear the double burden of working and raising a family.’
    • ‘The software architecture bears the burden of explicitly monitoring safety-critical data to ensure that the data has not been corrupted.’
    • ‘Should the leaders gathered in Lusaka fail to tackle this problem, then measures must be put in place to assist countries bearing this burden.’
    • ‘What we do know is that he or she bore a dreadful burden, the stuff of every parent's nightmares.’
    • ‘For more than half a century, the people of the town that surrounds the US marine corps' base on Japan's southernmost island have borne the burden of the American presence, but not any more.’
    • ‘Corruption has become a way of life but he who bears the burden has a face.’