Definition of bear a resemblance (or similarity) to in English:

bear a resemblance (or similarity) to


  • Resemble.

    ‘the campus bore a faint resemblance to a military camp’
    • ‘Although their songs might lack the Seattle angst, their music bears a resemblance to the departed scene.’
    • ‘Charlie couldn't help noticing that he bore a resemblance to Jerome.’
    • ‘The reason is that I bear a resemblance to her father.’
    • ‘Some of the subs bear resemblance to the Biskup submarine due to its long perspective.’
    • ‘Although dwarfed in height, it bears a resemblance to skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre in New York.’
    • ‘He continued to ‘search’ passersby for the beautiful face he remembered from their brief, hostile acquaintance, but none of those he passed bore a resemblance to the missing lady.’
    • ‘A photograph of a man bearing a resemblance to Mr Bond, circulated in March last year, appears on the Interpol website.’
    • ‘When a tiny girl bearing an uncanny resemblance to Cindy Lou-Who whispered that she liked dolls and told us her name was Becca Larson, I announced that it was time for a game.’
    • ‘Sightings at a holiday resort in Norfolk have proved incorrect and a woman bearing a resemblance to Carly seen at the Notting Hill Carnival was traced.’
    • ‘What you need is a disguise that bears a resemblance to, say, Alan Dershowitz - an attorney who prefers rich, famous clients and seems to spend more time in broadcast studios than courtrooms.’
    • ‘Later he was kept in jail for three days because he bore a resemblance to a photofit shown on Crimewatch.’
    • ‘What has happened to recent Evo's is that the car bears less and less resemblance to its road going counterpart and has become too recognizable IMHO.’
    • ‘The cop bore a resemblance to someone she used to know.’
    • ‘Miss Jackson is extremely tall and skinny with a very long neck, and while her body shape reminds me of a giraffe, her facial features bear a resemblance to that of a cross between a beaver and a duck.’
    • ‘Composed of a wiry, nervous line, these creatures bear a resemblance to birds only in their beaks and feathered silhouettes; they appear closer to deformations of nature.’
    • ‘North Sumatra Police announced on Tuesday that 27-year-old Zulfan, who bears a resemblance to one of the three sketches of suspects in the Oct.12.’
    • ‘It is odd that today's strange vehicles should bear a close resemblance to those seen by a scornful poet at London's Rotten Row a couple of generations earlier.’
    • ‘The collapse of the Nasdaq bubble left the United States in a situation that bears an uncomfortable resemblance to the Japan of a decade ago.’
    • ‘Main's method of meditation bears a similarity to, but has some differences from, centering prayer as practiced and taught by Keating.’
    • ‘The bolt shroud is Mauser-like but with a three position horizontal safety, which bears a resemblance to that of the Winchester M70.’