Definition of bear a hand in English:

bear a hand


  • Help in a task or enterprise.

    • ‘With us the demands of ship work on our bare minimum crews do not allow of a duty signaller; he must bear a hand with the rest to straighten out the day's work.’
    • ‘Premier Wen Jiabao bore a hand in retrieving salaries for migrant workers, practising the ‘people first’ approach.’
    • ‘Duty Officers always turned to the topside watch and said… ‘Son, bear a hand and assist this under-the-weather fellow into the boat.’’
    • ‘People crowded in from the dance-hall; odds & ends from the harbor bore a hand, and the girls took refuge behind the bar, squealing.’
    • ‘When danger threatened there was resort to prayer, but work soon followed as the passengers bore a hand with the crew.’
    • ‘Although it is not experienced in every part of the world, it also bears a hand in the battle for food.’
    • ‘Your task is first to be part of the solution by not being a compounding part of the problem, and then to be able to bear a hand in helping others.’
    • ‘Beneath the heavy, vicious nose of a Navy Corsair fighter, WAVE mechanics bear a hand in engine maintenance as they drain the oil preparatory to filling it with new oil.’
    • ‘I should have been very miserable had not Marah made me work with the men, hauling the ropes, swabbing down the decks, scrubbing the paintwork, and even bearing a hand at the tiller.’