Definition of bear's ear in English:

bear's ear


  • another term for auricula
    • ‘All are flowers - such as bear's ears (Primula auricula) and foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) - that were known in 18th-century Sweden.’
    • ‘Primula auricula, commonly known as bear's ear, was a great favourite with flower fanciers owing to the large number of trusses it produced.’
    • ‘We need hardly tell Auricula-growers in what estimation the Bear's Ear was held in ancient times.’
    • ‘On Jelenk by Idrija and on the north slopes of the Trnovo Forest, a location where the bear's ear and Carniolan primrose grow together, a hybrid named the "Idrija" Primula (Primula x venusta)is found.’
    • ‘The plant we now call auricula was the mountain cowslip or "bear's ears."’