Definition of bear's breech in English:

bear's breech


  • A Mediterranean plant with large deep-cut leaves and tall spikes of purple-veined white flowers.

    Acanthus mollis, family Acanthaceae

    • ‘This species of bear's breeches is a clump-forming perennial which is grown as much for its attractive foliage as for its architecturally bold flower spikes.’
    • ‘A native of the Mediterranean region, bear's breech does well in a sunny site with well-drained soil.’
    • ‘Commonly known as bear's breech, is in the family Acanthaceae.’
    • ‘Santolina is clipped into clouds and punctuation is provided by six foot tall teasels, milk thistles, huge artichokes and great clumps of bear's breeches.’
    • ‘Which plant has the common name bear's breeches?’
    • ‘In late summer, bear's breeches blooms with creamy white to slightly pink or purplish flowers on dramatically tall, erect stalks held way above the foliage.’
    • ‘I have also had great success with bear's breech and common calla.’
    • ‘I have a bear's breech planted in the shade.’
    • ‘An extract of hyssop in some honeyed wine might work well against bronchitis; leaves of bear's breech soaked in vinegar might ease the pain of an unexpected scald; flower heads of vervain in some ultra-sweet raisin wine might calm a housewife's nerves; and so on.’