Definition of beanpole in English:



  • 1A stick for supporting bean plants.

    • ‘Arika could see beanpoles thick with beans and peas, greens of all kinds, and squashes and many other forms of hard vegetables.’
    • ‘If you are growing beans you are going to need a beanpole.’
    • ‘A nearby child's garden has a beanpole trellis and space to plant seeds, cherry tomatoes and marigolds.’
    • ‘On the other side of the flowerbed Tony is affixing a vine to a beanpole.’
    • ‘Behind a row of beanpoles stands the garden house, which has lost one post.’
    post, pole, stick, spike, upright, support, prop, strut, stave, pale, paling, picket, pile, piling, stanchion, shaft, cane, rod, mast
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    1. 1.1informal A tall, thin person.
      • ‘The skinny beanpole going up against someone three times his size is not looking for a solution to a problem, not looking to fix anything, but simply having a reason to live, and a reason to be strong.’
      • ‘They were usually beanpoles who could eat half a cow and still stay skinny.’
      • ‘Shortly later, Camillo, the heroine's elderly and ineffectual husband, was enacted by a young beanpole of a bumpkin.’
      • ‘It was quite large for her skinny, beanpole body.’
      • ‘I'm a beanpole with nearly no muscle power, so there isn't much to be all embarrassed about!’
      • ‘Did he seriously think the linesman wasn't going to spot a beanpole like him?’
      • ‘Tall, and not exactly beanpoles, but very bony.’
      • ‘If you're itching to hang some quality beef on your back and are not afraid of man-sized pain and hard work, then let's dig into the blueprint and say good-bye forever to that beanpole in the mirror.’
      • ‘Of course, that's all there was to me: I was a beanpole with legs hanging from my shoulders, and my arms were probably bigger than my legs.’
      • ‘He went from being a spastic, gangly beanpole with ears that looked like they were drawn on by a cartoonist to being a symbol of all the things that are right in professional sports.’
      • ‘He finished stretching when he was a beanpole, roughly three meters, or eight or nine feet.’
      • ‘Finally, the last two shows in Festival of Fun feature the musical talents of Songfellow Strum, a beanpole elderly man who travels in a flying train singing old kids' songs.’
      • ‘He was tall and thin almost to the point of delicateness, but he didn't look like a beanpole, and I don't think I would have described him as lanky either.’
      • ‘I always been a strong girl, though I also been thin as a beanpole.’
      • ‘She stood at about 5'9 and was skinny as a beanpole.’
      • ‘Pairing him in the Albion attack with the beanpole Kanu seems like the work, not of a football manager, but of a music hall impresario.’
      • ‘Stringy beanpole players who are long in the arm and short on energy will say anything to convince you that it's a bad idea to run back and forth.’
      • ‘Mary admits her youngest son was a scrawny little chap who became a beanpole youngster, so gangly he needed elastic in his school trousers to make sure they stayed up.’