Definition of beanfeast in English:



  • A celebratory party with plentiful food and drink.

    ‘cheerful music for beanfeasts’
    figurative ‘a beanfeast of seminars and workshops’
    • ‘I thought I had been a model of objectivity throughout the whole beanfeast; obviously I was wrong.’
    • ‘She is initially intimidated and appalled, but eventually conquers her fear to partake, indeed to star, in the jock beanfeast.’
    • ‘Given the Forum's multicultural pretensions, it is a cruel irony that the Tibetan monks were swiftly banished from the beanfeast.’
    • ‘Hard as the promoters of the annual athletics beanfeast that is the Norwich Union Indoor Grand Prix in Birmingham might try, they must realise that they are in sow's ear territory.’
    • ‘Another two dozen barristers and solicitors, chosen for their expertise in commercial law, also earned substantial fees in a case which became known in the inns of court as a beanfeast.’
    • ‘Both work at University College Hospital where Udwin campaigns vigorously against the privatisation plans that imperil 122 beds and hundreds of jobs and offer a beanfeast for private-sector parasites.’
    • ‘A number of Lib Dem MPs maintained that the failure of their party to join the beanfeast on Thursday was one of strategy and leadership.’
    • ‘During the Golden Globe beanfeasts in LA earlier this month, the one man every star queued to meet was the shy, slightly stunned Paul Rusesabagina, the true hero of the story.’
    • ‘It is they who are tearing down sustainable economies, delicate environments and age-old social systems in the name of a one-size-fits-all corporate beanfeast.’
    • ‘Our home-based patterns of socialising interfere with the necessary anarchy of the workplace beanfeast.’
    • ‘It was to be a glittering beanfeast for the Halifax Bank - its first annual meeting outside Yorkshire in 150 years.’
    • ‘‘As far as I can see it has been a beanfeast for consultants,’ said Coun English.’
    • ‘Elsewhere during the Hangover technology beanfeast, we understand that HP's own demo of Bluetooth was similarly rotten.’
    • ‘Award winners at the BAFTA beanfeast have to be threatened with pulled plugs if they use their speeches to attack the war (whereupon Saul Zaentz does just that).’
    social gathering, gathering, social occasion, social event, social function, function, get-together, celebration, reunion, festivity, jamboree, reception, at-home, soirée, social
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Early 19th century: from bean + feast. The term originally denoted an annual dinner given to employees by their employers, where beans and bacon were regarded as an indispensable dish.