Definition of beanbag in English:



  • 1A small bag filled with dried beans and used in children's games.

    • ‘And speaking of beanbag, out in the parking lot, a favorite activity of the tailgating fans, for some reason, was playing beanbag.’
    • ‘Hackysacks, beanbags, and draft dodgers are sometimes filled with crushed nut shells.’
    • ‘The exercises are designed to be simple and fun, for example getting children to stand on a cushion on one leg and then throw a beanbag from one hand to the other.’
    • ‘Kevin threw a small beanbag at him, which he had found in his seat after he had sat down.’
    • ‘This ensures that the beans will be extra secure in the beanbag.’
    • ‘When they tried to walk toward the targets after being blindfolded or threw beanbags at them, they nearly always missed.’
    • ‘A Koho spot, from Young & Rubicam, Montreal, shows a bored youth in a '70s-era rec room playing a beanbag game until a Koho hockey bag crashes from above onto the game.’
    • ‘Francesca's exercises included standing on one leg and throwing a beanbag from hand to hand with her eyes closed.’
    • ‘Make sure there is enough play space at home so that young children have many opportunities to crawl, walk, balance, and handle objects of different sizes, such as beanbags and multicolored balls.’
    • ‘Examples include standing on one leg and throwing a beanbag from one hand to another to improve balance, co-ordination and cerebellar function.’
  • 2A large cushion filled with polystyrene beads and used as a seat.

    • ‘Space-saving furniture, especially cots, sofas and beanbags, demonstrated that it was possible to mix aesthetics with functionality.’
    • ‘He stepped forward and grabbed Samara's free right arm, pulling her to the pile of yellow beanbags nearby.’
    • ‘I sat on a beanbag on his floor, and he padded around and made tea.’
    • ‘LoveSac builds beanbags as large as 6 feet in diameter.’
    • ‘There were also a couple of beanbags to the side of the couch and a recliner off in a corner, which held an exhausted Todd reading a thick book.’
    • ‘Make yourselves at home, grab a beanbag, you'll find hot chocolate supplies in the cupboard.’
    • ‘Brightly-colored furniture fills the small space, 3 beanbags, a small table, a TV, a bookshelf, a laptop, a Playstation and a keyboard.’
    • ‘The carpeted floor between his television and his walk in closet was covered with his collection of beanbags and large cushions.’
    • ‘I have bad posture, thanks to sitting on a beanbag hunched over a laptop working for months.’
    • ‘For six lucky readers, we have two each of pink, denim and leopard beanbags (sorry, we pick which pattern).’
    • ‘The entire nation gets the image of Eric Roberts in the next room curled up in a beanbag talking to Mr. Teddy.’
    • ‘On top of the rug were four large beanbags, and in the time span it took me to tell all this, those four beanbags were occupied with about 4 to 5 people per beanbag.’
    • ‘I wanted peace and quiet so I slid silently into the family room slash game room and sat down on a beanbag chair.’
    • ‘The disappearance of many of the industry's more entertaining sites, not to mention the culture of fun that brought beanbags and foosball tables into offices, is one of the reasons some Internet workers have decided to move on.’
    • ‘If you grab a beanbag really tightly, it goes more solid because the tiny beads have been compressed.’
    • ‘I took a seat on my blue beanbag at the corner of the room, throwing my pillows back onto the bed where Emily rearranged them.’
    • ‘He pointed at two beanbags in the middle of the floor.’
    • ‘Students can use beanbags as a lightweight seating in a dorm room and are so inexpensive that it doesn't matter if they spilt a mess on them, as they are relatively easy to clean.’
    • ‘At the other end of the house there is a gas fire going, and there is a dog and a cat sharing a beanbag in front of it.’
    • ‘Two months ago I would have been lying in the beanbag on a Sunday, not noticing anything except the throbbing in my skull.’
    pillow, bolster, headrest
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