Definition of bean goose in English:

bean goose


  • A grey goose with orange-yellow bill and legs, breeding in the arctic tundra of Lapland and Siberia and overwintering in parts of Europe and Asia.

    Anser fabalis, family Anatidae

    • ‘A flock of more than 200 Taiga bean geese visit the Slammanan plateau from October to February every year.’
    • ‘A key factor in maintaining bean geese in the valley is the availability of secure roosts close to the feeding areas.’
    • ‘The bean goose breeds along northern Eurasia from the highlands of Norway in the west to Kamchatka in the east.’
    • ‘Part of the Slamannan plateau is to be designated a special area for bean geese.’
    • ‘There the geese used to eat the remains of the bean harvests, hence their name ‘bean goose’.’
    • ‘Yesterday six bean geese flew over in a neat puzzle for Pythagoreans.’
    • ‘I have enjoyed watching the bean geese over a 40-year period and have witnessed their changing fortunes through the decades.’