Definition of beagler in English:



  • See beagle

    • ‘An avid gardener and beagler, he showed his field trial dogs throughout eastern North America with great success.’
    • ‘Most knowledgeable beaglers know what the dogs are doing and regardless of how you score the dogs, a lot of it is still within sight of the whole cast.’
    • ‘The beaglers I used to run across South Yorkshire with were mostly unemployed and retired foundry workers from Sheffield's steelworks.’
    • ‘This ensured that the beaglers could not use the traditional Wiltshire Police tactic of letting the hunt drive away while holding sabs up.’
    • ‘To some small game hunters, the removal of rabbits and hares from the wild by beaglers may appear as inconsistent regulations benefiting a select group.’
    • ‘I've only been in the rabbit business for a few short years - trust me, I'm still a rookie beagler, but I learn something new every time I take them out or train a new puppy.’
    • ‘Following roll call and rolling of the numbers, beaglers headed to the field for a fine day of beagling.’
    • ‘Many of these individual beaglers purchase walking boots and clothes specially for their sport and cumulatively generate a significant increase in takings when meets take place at village pubs.’
    • ‘For the dedicated beaglers who have read this page, there is no entity called the Oak Ridge Beagle Club.’
    • ‘Friday around noon beaglers from across the country start showing up ready to trade dogs and swap lies.’
    • ‘In the same way beaglers enjoy running with the dogs.’
    • ‘Also, the beaglers knew where the better digging soil was, and kept us away from the dry slopes.’