Definition of beady-eyed in English:



  • 1Having small, round, gleaming eyes.

    ‘a beady-eyed chicken’
    • ‘‘The white turkey is a beady-eyed, evil-looking thing,’ he said.’
    • ‘Before his professional involvement, Schembri's infinite love affair with film began as a beady-eyed kid from Williamstown experiencing his inaugural big screen event, The Towering Inferno.’
    • ‘In this remake of the Argentine caper Nine Queens, the great John C. Reilly manages to imbue his pudgy, beady-eyed grifter Richard Gaddis with an offbeat élan.’
    • ‘He appeared in real life as I had seen him in photos: beady-eyed, with dark matted hair and a free-growing beard, always seeming to wear the cumbersome jacket with a hood that is much beloved of movie directors.’
    • ‘The gray, beady-eyed little bird in the cage seems an unlikely candidate for a savior.’
    • ‘Later, as Val slowly dozed off - the beady-eyed white bear watching her from her dresser - her last coherent memory was of the sounds of nothing… nothing at all.’
    • ‘There is plenty of room to swim down inside her curved exhaust stacks, habitats now for clown nudibranchs and large, beady-eyed prawns.’
    • ‘The heron resumed his beady-eyed stance, scanning the depths of the pond for an unwary goldfish.’
    • ‘On top of it all, the beady-eyed actor lacks the vulnerability of a romantic lead.’
    • ‘The beady-eyed bird is grotesque, nightmarish.’
    • ‘‘The train is never late,’ jokes the beady-eyed black-bearded station master as we wait in the middle of the Corsican mountains for it to arrive, ‘but the timetable is often a little wrong.’’
    • ‘Vincent came into view, a beady-eyed parrot on his shoulder.’
    1. 1.1 Keenly observant, typically in a sinister or hostile way.
      ‘beady-eyed security guards’
      ‘uniformed guards view you with beady-eyed suspicion’
      • ‘Who cares what a beady-eyed ranter on MSNBC says?’
      • ‘Beady-eyed clients, once known to turn a blind eye to the occasional indiscretion from their agencies, no longer stand for it.’
      • ‘Spotted by a beady-eyed cop, he expected to be charged but nothing came of it.’
      • ‘Snagging a wealthy husband is the true goal of all flight attendants, we quickly glean, yet Bergen's character is never played as a beady-eyed angler.’
      • ‘She couldn't help notice the beady-eyed looks of the villagers.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, this brief exchange was caught by the beady-eyed cheerleaders.’
      • ‘Commercial property is bought and sold without emotion by beady-eyed finance professionals who weigh the opportunity cost of the money they invest; residential properties are often bought for emotional reasons.’
      • ‘They are also vaguely contemptuous of his beady-eyed negotiations regarding fees and wardrobe allowances.’
      • ‘You'd think such a guy might ring a few warning bells - and not only with her adoring, beady-eyed dad.’
      • ‘But what the company may not have realised is that Bow Road has its very own beady-eyed resident blogger.’
      • ‘Open a little over a month, the place is already overrun with West Village dignitaries and hordes of beady-eyed food aristocrats.’