Definition of beadwork in English:



mass noun
  • Decorative work made of beads.

    ‘skins decorated with paint and beadwork’
    • ‘Conducted by master artists, classes will be offered in beadwork, painting, costume design, pottery, doll making, fiber art, photography and jewelry making.’
    • ‘The Yei of Ngamiland in Botswana were known for a type of beadwork in which white and black were contrasted to form true optical illusions.’
    • ‘He had been dressed in a jacket trimmed in red feathers and decorated with intricate beadwork.’
    • ‘She wore a blouse and skirt decorated in intricate beadwork and a kilt made of old silver coins.’
    • ‘Regional variations in beadwork also speak to the importance of cultural identities and the differences that exist among identities of Zulu-speaking people of these various areas.’
    • ‘In the lobby a lady from the Nolebela Tribe was painting murals on a traditional mud hut and doing beadwork as well.’
    • ‘Folk craft traditions include beadwork, sewing, pottery making, house decoration, and weaving.’
    • ‘Collars were another category of clothing often decorated with elaborate beadwork on the Northwest Coast.’
    • ‘Much of the exhibition is focused on body adornment, primarily beadwork, though sculpture in a variety of media is represented as well.’
    • ‘During the skills transfer period, all 60 women will be involved in activities like jewellery making using beadwork, pottery, weaving, fabric tying and dying and other skills.’
    • ‘Though not scholarly, these volumes provide the most detailed study to date of the social significance of beadwork within a Xhosa-speaking society.’
    • ‘Finally he offered him a small leather pouch decorated with beadwork.’
    • ‘Torches decorated with African beadwork were brought through the streets of Polokwane and used to light the Special Olympic flame.’
    • ‘Detail embroidery, retro beadwork, sequins and lace add a touch of Hollywood glamour.’
    • ‘The days are designed for kids aged five to 12 years, with heaps of creative activities on offer such as cooking, beadwork and other crafty ideas, painting and much more.’
    • ‘Recent beadwork pieces are displayed here as well, enhanced by photographs depicting the contemporary uses of eastern and southern African beadwork in both Africa and the West.’
    • ‘They are often heavily embellished with embroidery, beadwork, and hand painted floral designs.’
    • ‘She does the final beadwork and embellishments herself.’
    • ‘Her skirts are mostly made out of chiffon and georgette, liberally embellished with beadwork and appliqués.’
    • ‘For many centuries, beadwork in the West was an activity with an ornamental purpose, practiced by young women in polite society to decorate clothing and personal objects.’