Definition of beading in English:



mass noun
  • 1The craft or pastime of stringing beads together to make jewellery or other decorative items.

    ‘they'll have wire or string and the other tools you need to get into beading’
    1. 1.1 Decoration in the form of beads.
      ‘a matching blue shawl with sparkling beading’
  • 2Decoration or ornamental moulding resembling a string of beads or having a semicircular cross section.

    ‘elaborate wooden beading adorned the ceiling’
    • ‘The interior of the secretary is surrounded with flush beading that also runs up the inside edges of the bookcase and returns across the shelves.’
    • ‘A decorative beading cut along the face creates a shadow line, adding depth and interest to the frame.’
    • ‘Evidence that Jackson's home was originally a two-story house is the decorative beading on the underside of the floor joists.’
    • ‘Ramsey emphasized this by continuing the double beading from the bow to the arm, and then forward underneath the scrolled end.’
    • ‘The double doors have decorative beading on face.’
  • 3The bead of a tyre.

    • ‘Between the hub and the stiff wire tyre beading a layer of rubber forms a seal.’
    • ‘The wire beading is replaced with a bundle of Kevlar fibers that allows it to fold easily and as a bonus, shaves off weight by about 50-90g.’
    • ‘Instead of an inner tube the tyre has a rubber lining and the pressure of the beading against the rim of the wheel is claimed to give a seal which is proof against any escape of air.’
    • ‘Slick design tyre with wire beading in the tyre, this is a great tyre if you ride on wooden ramps or concrete as it offers great grip.’
    • ‘Remove the beading and cut tire in half.’