Definition of beadily in English:



  • See beady

    • ‘Sarah eyed her beadily, her lips curling into a smile.’
    • ‘Never having experienced suspense like this, or having, in his old age, forgotten it, Mr. Gouldman sat back in his leather desk chair and eyed Peter beadily from beneath woolly white eyebrows.’
    • ‘And the front of the jacket is illustrated with a malevolent looking chicken gazing beadily over the word ‘monster’ in the book's title.’
    • ‘Her friend the seagull looked beadily down at her from his perch on one of the remaining trees.’
    • ‘And then there is the small matter of the washing up mountain, looking at me beadily from the table and kitchen.’
    • ‘She is smoking when I walk into the room and staring beadily through a fortress of make-up.’
    • ‘His pupils were the only spots of light, as they gleamed beadily.’
    • ‘I muttered loud enough for Riley to hear; she was still surveying the club, beadily eyeing the people inside.’
    • ‘As she awaits it, Leah Malot steals a sideways looks at her and Sally Barsosio watches her beadily.’
    • ‘Even from a fair distance, I could tell that at least one of the gentlemen disapproved of my presence; it was Huntstanton who eyed me beadily, his white-gloved hand uneasily fingering his revolver.’
    • ‘Those thoughts were anything but comforting when the officer shoved him into the seat and sprawled into the chair across the table, turning on a tape recorder and eyeing him beadily.’
    • ‘As they surveyed their grass stain-covered daughter beadily, Kuja noticed how impressive they looked, even more than usual.’
    • ‘We saw two kingfishers: brilliant cyan swoops in midair, or sitting on a branch staring beadily down at the water surface.’
    • ‘Jordan gulped as the redhead eyed them beadily for a moment longer.’
    • ‘I expect a raise soon,’ he said, eyeing Trey beadily as he trotted off.’
    • ‘Mr. Rily glared beadily at everyone as if daring them to disobey.’
    • ‘‘And a man came to see you two days ago,’ Mrs. Tibbins said, eyeing Clarissa beadily.’
    • ‘Aunt Emily put away the fork and looked over at him, beadily.’
    • ‘I was snapped out of my reverie by my teacher staring down at me beadily waiting for me to answer the question that he had supposedly just asked me.’
    • ‘I stared at him beadily. ‘You've done things behind my back, Carl.’