Definition of beached in English:



  • Hauled up or stranded on a beach.

    ‘a beached whale’
    ‘beached fishing boats’
    • ‘Local officials saved seven of 10 beached whales on Sunday.’
    • ‘The hollowed-out half of the enormous tree was literally beached.’
    • ‘The houses are clad in tin sheets, like beached gunboats.’
    • ‘Webster said he is asked to identify beached blobs quite frequently.’
    • ‘The many boats beached on the construction site are causing delays.’
    • ‘I lie on the pebbles like a beached whale, listening to the laughter of my buddy.’
    • ‘The whale, now beached, was immediately photographed for the nightly news.’
    • ‘Hundreds of large containers fell off a cargo ship, beached off the southwestern coast of England.’
    • ‘A lone combine harvester was beached on a distant field.’
    • ‘The central compound of parliamentary buildings has been compared to the forms of a cluster of overturned, beached fishing dories.’
    • ‘A baby whale looking for his mom, we are told, is beached.’
    • ‘About 20 destroyers out of the 50 interned have been beached.’
    • ‘Imagine a house perched on seven acres of land, adjacent to a tree-lined pond with a red paddleboat beached at its shore.’
    • ‘They could not remain beached 400 metres from the shore.’
    • ‘An off-white agricultural marquee, like some wayward beached iceberg, covered an all-weather work area.’
    • ‘A small motorboat sat beached along a small fence a few yards away.’
    • ‘Fishermen found a 50-foot, 50-ton sperm whale beached on the coast of Taiwan last Saturday.’
    • ‘Later, at the Pacific Ocean, the men find a beached whale.’
    • ‘We are witnessing the last writhings of a society left beached by the march of history.’
    • ‘The boat was beached in shallow waters without further incident.’