Definition of beach volleyball in English:

beach volleyball


mass noun
  • A form of volleyball played on sand by teams of two players.

    • ‘Corporate teams will compete against sports associations in boxing, broom hockey, netball, beach volleyball and soccer.’
    • ‘Women's water polo, indoor volleyball, the top beach volleyball pair and the gymnastics team also are on track for gold.’
    • ‘People who don't like committees, seating plans and being told what colour of shoes to wear would be well advised to take up tennis, beach volleyball or snowboarding.’
    • ‘Think of croquet, badminton, beach volleyball, even darts.’
    • ‘It's all about sand, sun and men's beach volleyball - a sport in which the rules actually require the ball to be a bright color.’
    • ‘It seems odd that all of a sudden synchronized diving, trampoline, and beach volleyball are Olympic sports.’
    • ‘Phase one will consist of the out door courts that will facilitate Olympic handball, netball, volleyball tennis and beach volleyball.’
    • ‘Brazilians love soccer and adopted their habit to the beach where foot volley or beach volleyball is very common.’
    • ‘Well are we going to see beach soccer, and beach variants of other sports, join beach volleyball as a spectator sport in Australia?’
    • ‘According to Grieve, beach volleyball provides excellent physical training by increasing stamina and jumping ability.’
    • ‘I've been watching the women's beach volleyball at the Olympics.’
    • ‘The port visit also offered an opportunity for the crew to play sport with beach volleyball, rugby and golf being contested during the six days.’
    • ‘Phase two sports are archery, athletics, beach volleyball, baseball, female soccer and table tennis.’
    • ‘They tend to focus on football and beach volleyball.’
    • ‘Tennis players are the ones that catch on to beach volleyball the fastest because of the hand-eye coordination.’
    • ‘Facilities include seven outdoor pools, a gourmet restaurant and an activity club for children, where they can play beach volleyball, table tennis and mini golf.’
    • ‘It is feared that low-flying seagulls could disrupt events such as beach volleyball.’
    • ‘Building sand castles and playing beach volleyball may be grittier vacation pastimes than you think, according to a new report.’
    • ‘The Ancient Greeks would probably have scratched their heads in bemusement at the Olympic spectacle of beach volleyball.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the club chief executive gets the wrong end of the stick and the entire Celtic team end up playing beach volleyball against some Brazilian lasses at Portobello.’


beach volleyball