Definition of beach inspector in English:

beach inspector


  • A local government employee whose job is keeping order on a beach.

    ‘the top deck was where we beach inspectors exercised our tirelessly vigilant search for sharks or drowning swimmers’
    • ‘As he heard the news, he sent out rescue boats to inspect the coast and coordinated with beach inspectors.’
    • ‘He was born at in 1928, the eldest of the three sons of a beach inspector.’
    • ‘Beach inspectors said they would only reopen beaches if the sharks were not spotted for at least 24 hours.’
    • ‘I knew some beach inspectors who did that job throughout every summer, and then spent the entire winter as ski instructors.’
    • ‘It's nice work if you can get it, better even than being a beach inspector.’
    • ‘To the beach inspectors, supervising surfboards became an even more arduous job than either chasing dogs off the beach or policing bikinis.’
    • ‘The beach inspector jumped in and pulled her to the side to tremendous applause from the crowd watching.’
    • ‘I had a vacation job as a beach inspector throughout my law studies in the 1970s.’
    • ‘There was no evidence to allow a jury to properly conclude that the beach inspector had any other practical choice in placing the flags than to put them where he did.’
    • ‘One of the numerous advantages of being a beach inspector in those days was that the by-laws prohibited topless sunbathing by women.’