Definition of be written (or set or carved) in stone in English:

be written (or set or carved) in stone


  • Used to emphasize that something is fixed and unchangeable.

    ‘anything can change—nothing is written in stone’
    • ‘While many thought that the current proposed standard was written in stone might have to change their minds and wait until the squabbling is over.’
    • ‘It seems to me there is a sizeable swathe of British public opinion who regard modernity, radicalism and the like merely as an experiment, not as something that is here forever, written in stone.’
    • ‘Somehow, along the way, it seemed that the ‘idea’ became written in stone and that the SLC Great Hall would expand accordingly.’
    • ‘From what I've learned, the past is set in stone and we can't change it.’
    • ‘However, an RFL spokesman said ten teams per division was a minimum, not a fixed figure, while the new format was not yet set in stone.’
    • ‘Don't follow your itinerary as if written in stone.’
    • ‘There seems to be a few set in stone, undeniable, eternal truths as to what the future will be like.’
    • ‘He adds that that partnership is not written in stone.’
    • ‘However, this is not set in stone, as the help the family requires changes all the time.’
    • ‘Your training goals are not written in stone; changes should be made as necessary to work toward a common goal.’
    unalterable, immutable, invariable, unvarying, invariant, changeless, firm, fixed, hard and fast, cast-iron, set in stone, set, decided, established, permanent, deep-rooted, enduring, abiding, lasting, indestructible, ineradicable, irreversible, unfading, constant, perpetual, eternal, lifelong
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