Definition of be written (or engraved or set) in stone in English:

be written (or engraved or set) in stone


  • Used to emphasize that something is fixed and unchangeable.

    ‘anything can change—nothing is written in stone’
    • ‘Your training goals are not written in stone; changes should be made as necessary to work toward a common goal.’
    • ‘However, an RFL spokesman said ten teams per division was a minimum, not a fixed figure, while the new format was not yet set in stone.’
    • ‘It seems to me there is a sizeable swathe of British public opinion who regard modernity, radicalism and the like merely as an experiment, not as something that is here forever, written in stone.’
    • ‘However, this is not set in stone, as the help the family requires changes all the time.’
    • ‘From what I've learned, the past is set in stone and we can't change it.’
    • ‘There seems to be a few set in stone, undeniable, eternal truths as to what the future will be like.’
    • ‘He adds that that partnership is not written in stone.’
    • ‘While many thought that the current proposed standard was written in stone might have to change their minds and wait until the squabbling is over.’
    • ‘Don't follow your itinerary as if written in stone.’
    • ‘Somehow, along the way, it seemed that the ‘idea’ became written in stone and that the SLC Great Hall would expand accordingly.’
    unalterable, immutable, invariable, unvarying, invariant, changeless, firm, fixed, hard and fast, cast-iron, set in stone, set, decided, established, permanent, deep-rooted, enduring, abiding, lasting, indestructible, ineradicable, irreversible, unfading, constant, perpetual, eternal, lifelong
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