Definition of be wrapped up in in English:

be wrapped up in

phrasal verb

  • Be so absorbed in (something) that one does not notice other people or things.

    ‘he was too wrapped up in the historic importance of his campaign’
    • ‘She was wrapped up in more important problems then what Bull had to say about her.’
    • ‘I don't consider myself to be wrapped up in my own little world, I just like to look at things from a slightly different angle from them.’
    • ‘We knew that to achieve this goal we would have to hold events that everyone would attend which did not require people to be wrapped up in politics.’
    • ‘Elendil didn't notice the slight sarcasm because he was wrapped up in his jealousy of Hildor.’
    • ‘He is wrapped up in thought, intelligent thought no doubt, but it has this buffer effect between him and whatever is around him.’
    • ‘‘I would get home and I'd still be wrapped up in the job,’ says David.’
    • ‘I didn't really notice who was doing what though, too busy being wrapped up in my own world.’
    • ‘The book, intended primarily for an academic audience, has been given so much political attention and been wrapped up in such emotional fervor, that the point of the text has largely been missed, Laine said.’
    • ‘Sorry for the delays in posting - I've been wrapped up in a project that has kept me from the blog!’
    • ‘She had not appreciated her mother's predicament and was wrapped up in her own concerns.’