Definition of be well away in English:

be well away


  • Having made considerable or easy progress.

    ‘if we got Terry to do that, we'd be well away’
    • ‘Flash In The Pan, Buffed, and Recapitalize were well away in a very open field of 13, with favorite Sir Dex trapped wide toward the rear.’
    • ‘Had the Bulldogs beaten the North West Leopards and managed a win instead of a draw against Griquas, the Bulldogs would have been well away - but, that's sport.’
    • ‘Mummify and Walk On Air were well away, with Studebaker also on the pace.’
    • ‘I was well away after 2 glasses of wine with my meal, don't know what the matter was, I'm no lightweight!’
    • ‘The shoots will be well away as soon as they are under the ground, giving the plant a head start and guaranteeing lots of delicious spuds.’
    • ‘She adds: ‘By the evening I was well away, it was amazing.’’