Definition of be unable to (or be hardly able to) believe one's luck in English:

be unable to (or be hardly able to) believe one's luck


  • Be amazed by how lucky one is on a particular occasion.

    ‘Clarke could hardly believe his luck as he put the ball into the empty net’
    • ‘The information contained in those journals gave him one surprise after another, he had almost been unable to believe it was true.’
    • ‘They stare up at me with sunken eyes, filled with shock, as if they had all died in a single instant and were unable to believe what they had seen.’
    • ‘I find myself increasingly in the position of being unable to believe the government's plans are quite as progressive as they claim and at the same time unable to take what passes for a ‘left opposition’ seriously.’
    • ‘Some elements would laud over a minor celebrity suffering self-induced problems but be unable to believe Jane could overcome huge physical pain to achieve athletic feats most of us could only dream of.’
    • ‘He hated to be judgmental, but he was unable to believe that someone like them were capable of doing a noble thing such as keeping a vow.’
    • ‘Like all his subsequent books, it was originally written in French, but publishing houses in his adopted country reputedly turned it down since they were unable to believe a foreigner could write well in their language.’
    • ‘She was unable to believe he would have set her up like that, or that he actually arrested her.’
    • ‘He was unable to believe that this lone creature could possibly destroy two of the most powerful Clans on the planet and everything else.’