Definition of be to do with in English:

be to do with


  • Be concerned or connected with.

    ‘the problems are usually to do with family tension’
    • ‘‘This age group is the most likely to be involved in a crash and we believe this is to do with inexperience,’ Mr Farrell said.’
    • ‘I have seen hair thinning in women who have dieted a lot and I think this is to do with poor vitamin and mineral intake.’
    • ‘I had a hard time earning the respect of supporters, who thought his transfer was to do with me.’
    • ‘Much of this, he suspects, is to do with the Internet.’
    • ‘But this is not a financial matter, it is to do with health.’
    • ‘Half the complaints received were to do with community care, 44 per cent children and families and the remaining of six per cent within other areas of the department.’
    • ‘The only thing that made me really unhappy in the period afterwards, where I actually got emotional, was to do with the kids.’
    • ‘It is a very spiritual activity as it is to do with seasonal change and the passage of time.’
    • ‘I could tell that part of the silence was to do with how much weight I had lost.’
    • ‘‘I think a lot of it is to do with the confusion caused by having a General Election on the same day,’ he said.’
    relate to, apply to, be relevant to, have relevance to, concern, refer to, have reference to, belong to, pertain to, be pertinent to, bear on, have a bearing on, appertain to, affect, involve, cover, touch
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