Definition of be to blame in English:

be to blame


  • Be responsible for a fault or wrong.

    ‘he was to blame for their deaths’
    • ‘She said that there was no one reason for the rise in divorce but a combination of social and economic factors were to blame.’
    • ‘An electrical fault is believed to be to blame for the small fire which caused the meltdown.’
    • ‘Children this age are also interested in issues such as who is to blame or who is at fault.’
    • ‘His father thought rats chewing through electrical wires may have caused a fault which was to blame for the fire.’
    • ‘Inquiries can pinpoint what went wrong, and who was to blame.’
    • ‘The company that produces the weapons said other factors - such as medical conditions or incapacitation due to drink or drugs - were to blame for the deaths.’
    • ‘It was never clear exactly what he felt was wrong, who was to blame, or what should be done about it.’
    • ‘Road safety groups estimate 23 people have died in accidents on Britain's roads where mobiles were to blame.’
    • ‘They are wrong to conclude from this coincidence that economic growth is to blame for unhappiness.’
    • ‘Poor equipment, poor training and poor leadership all were to blame there, as well as a logistical snafu that led to fuel contamination.’