Definition of be the spit (or the dead spit) of in English:

be the spit (or the dead spit) of


  • Look exactly like.

    ‘Felix is the spit of Rosa's brother’
    • ‘The boys are all in stripy dungarees and they are the spit of each other - with a mop of white blond hair, full cheeks and big blue eyes.’
    • ‘Apart from my eyes, I'm the dead spit of my mother.’
    • ‘In reality shows such as MTV's Extreme Makeovers some tragic dork from Dullsville, USA decides he wants to be remodelled to be the spit of Brad Pitt, and if it means smashing up his jaw and nose, so be it.’
    • ‘The youngest sibling Claire (played by Lauren Ambrose, the spit of Thora Birch in American Beauty) gets the call just after she's tried smoking crystal meth for the first time.’
    • ‘As for Kieran, he wears his success lightly and is, Jackson says, a quiet, relaxed character who is the spit of his brother.’
    • ‘And there was this guy there who was the spit of CD.’
    • ‘Pixie maintains that my step-dad is the spit of Richard Schiff.’
    • ‘Have you heard about the Glasgow woman that's the spit of The Queen?’
    • ‘Despite looking the spit of Robert Carlyle, McCardie is faultless, while Roeves, as a man living on borrowed time, is completely believable.’
    • ‘In his hectoring manner and contemptuous demands for apologies and resignations, Campbell is the spit of John Humphrys.’
    exact likeness, living image, mirror image, very image, double, twin, lookalike, replica, clone, duplicate, copy
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