Definition of be stuck (or caught) in a time warp in English:

be stuck (or caught) in a time warp


  • Have failed to keep up with the passage of time.

    ‘his government was stuck in a time warp’
    • ‘Even if I could have found a sofa that wasn't plastic-looking, hideously floral, or caught in a time-warp taste forgot, they were all way above my budget.’
    • ‘If the film is flawed in any one area, it's because it's stuck in a time warp.’
    • ‘Some towns and cities are stuck in a time warp, with declining trade leading to empty shop properties and a consequent gap in the retail offer.’
    • ‘Given how remote the towns are, it's hardly surprising they appear to be caught in a time warp.’
    • ‘It was one of those country pubs which seem to be stuck in a time warp, forever 1950.’