Definition of be sick in English:

be sick


  • 1Be ill.

    • ‘‘Standard patients’ have some medical knowledge, enabling them to imitate real patients and allow medical students to diagnose them as if they really were sick.’
    • ‘Five workers in the office of Deputy Chief Minister, the second highest ranking official in the state, were being treated with antibiotics, and that none were sick.’
    • ‘Have you ever worried if the mutton or pork on your plate is from a healthy animal and not from one that was sick or one that was already dead before it was ‘slaughtered’?’
    • ‘In his health passport they recorded all these diagnoses and on every occasion he was given only painkillers although he was sick, weak and losing weight quite rapidly.’
    • ‘As most of them were sick, we stretched out to them and ensured that all of us were safe in one place.’
    • ‘He served the Forest department and provided Medicare to several animals, which were sick and dying.’
    • ‘Till late last night, as Hans and I chatted with her in exaggerated gestures and atrocious Portuguese, she was in fine spirits, though she knew her child was sick.’
    • ‘The letter stated that Tommy was sick and was unable to testify.’
    • ‘at 8pm tonight Mary rang up and said that she couldn't go out because her mum was sick and she didn't want to leave her at home alone.’
    • ‘Though always busy with his work, Michael never forgot to enquire for friends who were sick, lonely or fell on hard times.’
  • 2British Vomit:

    ‘the baby was sick all over my silk shirt’
    • ‘If the person has been sick, then bring a sample of the vomit too - medical staff can analyse the vomit for important information.’
    • ‘She then turned and made for the door and then leaned out of it taking deep breaths feeling as if she were to be sick and throw up.’
    • ‘I started to keep a diary which held all my feelings and also held a record of when I felt the need to be sick and if I was sick.’
    • ‘Since he was six months old, he has often been sick and vomits.’
    • ‘Sometimes the child will whoop then be sick at the end of a bout of coughing.’
    • ‘Walk home one night after the taxi driver threw me out because he thought I was going to be sick.’
    • ‘Her condition meant she never learnt to swallow or suck as a baby and would be sick as soon as she was fed.’
    • ‘The washer breaking down was the most annoying thing, happening just when the baby was sick and there was five times as much laundry to do.’
    • ‘He started being sick, early hours of Sunday morning and was sick a few times during the day complaining of abdominal pains.’
    • ‘Remember to allow extra time in your schedule for last minute disasters such as your baby filling his nappy / being sick on your work clothes.’
    vomit, throw up, retch
    cough up, bring up, regurgitate
    heave, gag
    get sick
    chunder, chuck up, hurl, spew, do the technicolor yawn, keck, ralph
    honk, sick up
    spit up, barf, upchuck, toss one's cookies, blow chunks
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