Definition of be seeing double in English:

be seeing double


  • Seem to see two images of one object.

    • ‘For a moment she thought she was seeing double but soon realized that they were twins.’
    • ‘I blinked once and then started rubbing my eyes - I was seeing double!’
    • ‘I sneak a peek over just in time to see him scrunching up his face in the obvious expression of someone who is seeing double and thinks he can force his way back to seeing single through sheer effort.’
    • ‘And while the congregation may have thought they were seeing double when the brides walked down the aisle in identical dresses, the brothers had no such problems.’
    • ‘Joanne Meager, 38 from Sheffield, thought she was seeing double when she opened our sister paper the Surrey Comet.’
    • ‘Had he been knocked out so badly that he was seeing double?’
    • ‘By the time they came and got me I was seeing double.’
    • ‘The other girl then stepped forward and Canace thought she was seeing double.’
    • ‘Although Jessica learned to play the violin and piano, three weeks after her ninth birthday she began to complain to her mother and father, Alan George of The Fitzwilliam String Quartet, that she was seeing double.’
    • ‘The lights were flickering on and off, and I was seeing double.’