Definition of be rolling in it (or in money) in English:

be rolling in it (or in money)


  • Be very rich.

    ‘he was a tycoon and must have been rolling in money’
    • ‘It's not like Mom was rolling in money.’
    • ‘He's some successful advertising executive in Los Angeles now, and positively rolling in money.’
    • ‘Unlike the greater part of Harcourt Academy, I am not rolling in money, and do not have a money tree growing in my back yard.’
    • ‘I am rolling in money, and my love life is even looking up.’
    • ‘But in case you thought the local authority was rolling in money, then think again.’
    • ‘The common perception that farmers are rolling in money, could not be further from the truth.’
    • ‘I don't want people to feel that the Government is rolling in money.’
    • ‘At the same time, people see where you are, at the top of the League, and people think the club must be rolling in money again.’
    • ‘On the day she gets out of jail, Liam, now rolling in money, takes her to a posh apartment in the best part of town and gives her the keys.’
    • ‘Jayde's family is not rolling in money, but they're not poor.’