Definition of be riding (or heading) for a fall in English:

be riding (or heading) for a fall


  • Be acting in a reckless way that is likely to end in trouble or disaster.

    ‘with your present attitude, you're riding for a fall’
    • ‘Any company so foolish as to promote something that looked and felt so much like a guarantee as this would be riding for a fall.’
    • ‘Certainly nothing in this suggests sterling is riding for a fall if the government decides not to enter the Euro-zone for the foreseeable future.’
    • ‘Look out little Johnny, cause you're riding for a fall.’
    • ‘If you like, this is the unregulated hinterland, reminiscent of timeshare properties, where investors could be riding for a fall!’
    • ‘Governments that think low interest rates are always electorally rewarding are riding for a fall.’
    • ‘They are all warning him that if he goes through with his plan he will be riding for a fall and risking the eclipse of the dynasty in Syria.’
    • ‘But as it happens, there is a good reason for thinking that the pound might be riding for a fall - and that is the size of Britain's trade deficit.’
    • ‘There is no question that those who lock themselves into a fixed way of reading reality are riding for a fall, because, as Eugene Fama put it, ‘Life always has a fat tail.’’