Definition of be rained off in English:

be rained off

(North American be rained out)

phrasal verb

  • (of an event) be cancelled or terminated because of rain.

    ‘the match was rained off’
    • ‘On a day when all the Second Division matches were rained off, Windhill and Salts fell victim to the inevitable with their game finely balanced.’
    • ‘I tried to go see the Danville Braves, but their game was rained out.’
    • ‘It was just a shame last week's match against Coventry was rained off because they needed the run-out.’
    • ‘Thank Heaven that yesterday's game was rained out and everyone - players, managers, and fans - had a chance to cool down.’
    • ‘Detailed weather communication might have saved him some angst; the sprint car event was rained out and rescheduled for July 19.’
    • ‘However, he showed signs he had turned the corner with a quickfire 42 against Zimbabwe in the VB Series on Thursday before the match was rained off.’
    • ‘After plans for a day out on Friday were rained off, we went off to Chester Zoo yesterday and even had some sunshine.’
    • ‘With more inclement weather forecast for today, there is a good possibility the match could be rained out.’
    • ‘It came down to the final points race of the year, and we were running good enough to beat him in final, but it was rained out.’
    • ‘If the second match was rained off, but the third final went ahead, that would decide a 2-0 series winner.’
    • ‘The event was cancelled in 2001 due to foot and mouth and was rained off in 2000.’
    • ‘As all matches were rained off what will happen to that match?’
    • ‘Bauser said the board still had to pay its staff and caterers even if the match was rained out.’
    • ‘If games in the early part of the season were rained out, you knew they could be made up during the visiting team's next trip into town.’
    • ‘If the match is rained out, and New Zealand beats Canada today, NZ will proceed ahead of SA to the Super Sixes, along with Kenya and probably Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘It has been pouring down nearly all day. we did some vital shopping this morning and this afternoon we were going to have a wonder into town but alas we were rained off.’
    • ‘Contractors who had planned to lay down white lines to form narrow lanes over the weekend were rained off and the 10-month project had to be postponed.’
    • ‘The Strathmore Mosquito team was to play their first tournament this past weekend, but they were rained out.’
    • ‘A little rain this morning followed by some sun tempted us out to Wimborne for a look around the market which was seriously curtailed as we were rained off.’
    • ‘We have been extremely fortunate and the event was rained off only once.’