Definition of be put upon in English:

be put upon

phrasal verb

often as adjective put-upon
  • Be taken advantage of through having one's good nature exploited.

    ‘a put-upon drudge who slaved for her employer’
    • ‘She was always being put upon, always being ripped off.’
    • ‘Divorce often results when a partner has had enough of being put upon and taken for granted.’
    • ‘A people who know their traditional rights will not let themselves be put upon.’
    • ‘The critics, pretty much to a person, condemned the art, and were certain they were being put upon.’
    • ‘But that community knows that it is being put upon by this so-called research levy.’
    • ‘They want to punish someone to show all the world they will not be put upon.’
    • ‘We will never allow our players to be put upon like that again.’
    • ‘They have been put upon and shoved and pushed and rooted out of any legitimate role in that society, and it is a huge human tragedy.’
    • ‘Chances are the older the woman is, the more she has lost hope, suffered failure in relationships and marriages and is put upon by life.’
    • ‘I think it's very important that people should be aware that you have the access to legal help if you're being put upon by a landlord or he's ripping you off.’
    take advantage of, impose on, take for granted, exploit, use, misuse
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