Definition of be pushing up daisies in English:

be pushing up daisies

(also be pushing up the daisies)


  • Be dead and buried.

    ‘his heart condition will see him pushing up the daisies at a young age’
    • ‘‘All this will be here long after I'm pushing up daisies,’ said the woman who regards herself as a ‘custodian’ of all our food futures.’
    • ‘And all the generals who even thought about a coup are pushing up daisies.’
    • ‘And he hasn't done that since May 2002, leading some to speculate that he's injured, plugged into a dialysis machine, or already pushing up the daisies.’
    • ‘If looks could kill, both Jessie and Mrs. Smithers would have been pushing up the daisies.’
    • ‘I think when I'm pushing up daisies, he'll be doing great things.’
    • ‘I just hope you two find your peace before I'm pushing up daisies in Gate of Heaven.’
    • ‘On this occasion we were told not to grieve because our friend would soon be pushing up the daisies.’
    • ‘You sure as heck can't take the money with you when you're pushing up the daisies.’
    • ‘Told she'd be pushing up the daisies by 2004-10 years on, with two books and a devoted husband, she's still here.’
    • ‘They want their Olympians to be proud grandparents and not pushing up daisies at 40 when bodies abused by anabolic steroids suffer total organ failure.’
    dead, expired, departed, gone, no more, passed on, passed away
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