Definition of be party (or a party) to in English:

be party (or a party) to


  • Be involved in.

    ‘he was party to some very shady deals’
    • ‘Yes because they were party to what has turned out to be open, active aggression against a third country that in no way was a threat to them and of course their reasons for going in have proved to be absolutely baseless.’
    • ‘And they actively participate in these pleasures - pleasures that I haven't been party to for years.’
    • ‘The Government is party to more than 1000 bankruptcy cases.’
    • ‘Mr Wilson obviously has other plans that I have not been party to therefore we will have to look elsewhere to invest.’
    • ‘That is why it is party to more international disarmament treaties than almost any other country in the region.’
    • ‘Australia is a party to all the major human rights treaties and we should take them seriously, insisting that all laws and practices, state, territorial or federal, comply with them.’
    • ‘‘I have been taken aback by the scale, even after all I've been party to in the game,’ he admits.’
    • ‘That is not an example that my party and other parties want to be party to at all.’
    • ‘Mother Teresa once recounted an incident she was party to in London.’
    • ‘One wonders, too, if he was a party to, participant indeed in, the villainies of Thomas J. Wise?’
    get involved in, get involved with, be associated with, concern oneself in, involve oneself in, be a participant in, touch, handle
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