Definition of be out of here (or there) in English:

be out of here (or there)


  • Be about to leave a place or situation.

    ‘if he doesn't show up in the next five minutes, I am out of here’
    • ‘He looked at his watch twice, and I said to myself, you know, I think he's probably going to be out of here shortly.’
    • ‘I got my ballot, headed over to one of several open booths, marked in my choices, and was out of there in less than five minutes.’
    • ‘It's not my job; I'm out of here in a few years.’
    • ‘I just thought, OK, a little flash in the pan, make some quick money, and we're out of here.’
    • ‘She would have delegated responsibilities, grabbed her handbag, and been out of there in two seconds.’