Definition of be out of (or have gone out with) the ark in English:

be out of (or have gone out with) the ark


  • Be very old-fashioned.

    ‘the lessons were boring and taught by somebody out of the ark’
    ‘this kind of variety entertainment went out with the ark’
    • ‘But things didn't go quite according to plan: the big break turned into a permanent career break for the trio, who, over two decades later, come together to relive the past - and some comedy routines that came out of the ark.’
    • ‘The mechanic did ask me how long it was since I last looked under the hood of a car, and then told me how such mechanical devices went out with the ark...’
    • ‘And besides, jokes about religion went out with the ark and are unlikely to be resurrected in modern Britain.’
    • ‘Creases like these went out with the ark and I am not walking down the street like this.’
    • ‘And the last non en-suite bathroom at a country inn went out with the ark!’
    banal, trite, hackneyed, commonplace, clichéd, predictable, stereotyped, platitudinous, inane, fatuous, vapid, jejune, weak, feeble, tired, stale, overworked, overused, well worn
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