Definition of be open with in English:

be open with


  • Speak frankly to.

    ‘I had always been completely open with my mother’
    • ‘Be open about everything, and you'll find your partner being open with you.’
    • ‘If he considered our conclusion to be in contradiction with his own view, or the public's opinion, he should have been open with us and spoken with us.’
    • ‘And what if this parent is just an acquaintance, and not really a friend I can be open with about it all?’
    • ‘She was open with her parents, who tried to help her.’
    • ‘She's always been open with me about this, and I've always been supportive of her work.’
    • ‘I was always open with her, and she was open with me.’
    • ‘He told me at the end of his submissions that he has always answered letters and been open with the position.’
    • ‘We had always been able to be open with each other so I didn't understand why he had closed himself up like he had.’
    • ‘I have a lovely audience of a similar type all over the world and I've always been open with them.’
    • ‘At the end of the day, BAA have nothing to gain from hiding information from the public domain, which is why we have always been open with our data, in order for the information to be used in external reports and publications.’