Definition of be open to debate in English:

be open to debate


  • Be unproven and requiring further discussion.

    ‘whether a further wave of takeovers would benefit consumers is open to debate’
    • ‘Whether this is because O-levels are harder or they needed longer to prepare is open to debate.’
    • ‘While overall no one would argue that a reduction in more serious accidents is anything less than encouraging, the part played by speed cameras in this is open to debate.’
    • ‘How well specific juries expressed the people's will was open to debate.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the true value of those benefits is open to debate.’
    • ‘Whether Arsenal would have had the energy to withstand an 11-man challenge is open to debate.’
    • ‘How one goes about implementing that ideology is open to debate.’
    • ‘The penalty decision which followed is open to debate for the initial challenge took place outside the box, with the momentum of both players carrying them into the area.’
    • ‘Whether women are less ambitious than men is open to debate.’
    • ‘The significance of this fact is open to debate.’
    • ‘Just how much Yorkshire will benefit from his return is open to debate as the player is contracted to England.’