Definition of be oneself in English:

be oneself


  • Act naturally, according to one's character and instincts.

    ‘I want him to have the confidence to be himself’
    • ‘The result is a satisfying motion picture that wins its audience over because the characters are allowed to be themselves.’
    • ‘Let them know you're interested with lots of eye contact and having the confidence to be yourself.’
    • ‘Indulgence is not a bad word as far as you're concerned, your confidence in being yourself is what matters more than all that.’
    • ‘You should be yourself most of the time and act naturally.’
    • ‘You're a cool girl, so conjure up some confidence and just be yourself.’
    • ‘By just being myself I naturally attract the type of people I would otherwise want to attract and repel the people I would otherwise want to repel.’
    • ‘This leadership contest could be the making of the man in the public's eyes, and give him the confidence to relax and be himself.’
    • ‘So I just had to be myself, unless the character demanded something outside of my own personality.’
    • ‘Inner beauty is all about confidence: the confidence to be yourself, and do what you want to do.’
    • ‘Be natural, be yourself and your conversation won't sound contrived.’