Definition of be one's own master in English:

be one's own master


  • Be independent or free to do as one wishes.

    ‘I'm going to take control—be my own master at last’
    • ‘He is his own master and disciple in iconography.’
    • ‘The abolition of slavery recognized the pre-existing right of everyone to be his own master; it did not create such a right.’
    • ‘When these people encounter a situation that they cannot solve - where they must be their own master - they just give up.’
    • ‘To be one's own master and to control one's own destiny are the eternal desires of human beings, and democracy is the most significant system to help us realize this desire.’
    • ‘I felt I could share with her the whole scope of emotions I was going through, and yet be my own master in the process.’
    • ‘No matter what happens, you shall never be your own master, not entirely.’
    • ‘He decided that he would be his own master trying to make good on his moves all by himself.’
    • ‘The artist may be said to have been his own master, because, even when he was apprenticed to a painter he was taught less than he already knew.’
    • ‘He was never given the chance to be his own master.’
    • ‘Jacob is his own master, and it is at his choosing when it comes to sharing his life.’