Definition of be one's (own) lookout in English:

be one's (own) lookout


  • Be a person's own responsibility or problem.

    ‘if you can't take an interest in local affairs, that's your lookout’
    • ‘If people laugh at me behind my back, well, that is their lookout.’
    • ‘If the other man left it too long, that was his lookout.’
    • ‘Well, if they are not here, that is their lookout.’
    • ‘If he chose to ignore it, well then, that was his lookout.’
    • ‘After all, if I want to invalidate my warranty by getting somebody to stick some extra memory or a chip that allows me to play games from different regions, shouldn't it be my lookout?’
    • ‘If one of the party wants to go to bed at nine every night, that is their lookout.’
    problem, concern, business, affair, responsibility, worry, difficulty
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