Definition of be on the rag in English:

be on the rag


North American
  • Be menstruating.

    • ‘Now that everyone in the store was informed of the fact that I was on the rag, I made my selection and took it up to the counter.’
    • ‘At first he was expecting his client to be some pimple face, tub of lard, that choked a guy who made a fat joke while she was on the rag but seeing this girl he now new better than to think of the typical.’
    • ‘He said he didn't want to see some ugly broads moan about being on the rag.’
    • ‘And true, being on the rag makes us all more pains in the butt.’
    • ‘In grade seven, she leaked red pen all over my seat so that I walked around all day like I was on the rag in my cool new white jeans.’