Definition of be on someone's (own) head in English:

be on someone's (own) head


  • Be someone's sole responsibility.

    ‘your conduct is on your own head’
    • ‘If the Government wants to impose the failed experiment of parole, the failed experiment of sentencing, on the law-abiding citizens of this country, then it is on its head; it is on its conscience.’
    • ‘Very well, everything that happens here after is on your head… love.’
    • ‘Whatever happens to them in the field is on your head, man.’
    • ‘If I suddenly become fit and healthy, it's going to be on her head, let me tell you.’
    • ‘If this is what you want, let it be on your head then.’
    • ‘He tied me up and he is masquerading as me, now stop asking questions, or if anything happens to Janey it'll be on your head.’
    • ‘Either way, whatever happened to him now was on her head.’
    • ‘Well, it is on his own head, your Honour, the delay, it cannot be said otherwise.’
    • ‘If anything happens to that boy, it'll be on your head!’
    • ‘In the revolt I slew all the peasants; all their blood is on my head.’