Definition of be on about in English:

be on about


  • Talk about tediously and at length.

    ‘she's always on about doing one's duty’
    • ‘She was the only person on board who could always understand what he was on about.’
    • ‘I told him I didn't know what he was on about.’
    • ‘I am one of these people on a low income she is on about.’
    • ‘He talked a lot about the virtues of tolerance and fair play, but nobody had a clue what he was on about.’
    • ‘I might head back home watch that video your brother was on about.’
    • ‘When I first arrived out here and started yapping on about a film festival, people didn't know what I was on about.’
    • ‘Most people watching thought the debates a big bore and could not recall what the candidates were on about.’
    • ‘Our Prime Minister is on about how political correctness is harming free speech and opinion.’
    • ‘Needless to say, no-one had a clue what I was on about.’
    • ‘Half of them texted me back wondering what on earth I was on about.’