Definition of be of assistance in English:

be of assistance


  • Be of practical use or help.

    ‘the guide will be of assistance to development groups’
    • ‘Hopefully, this information will be of assistance to future initiatives, both for local and service providers.’
    • ‘This is a very welcome development and will particularly be of assistance to the elderly and those who do not drive or have access to a car.’
    • ‘We hope this financial contribution will be of assistance.’
    • ‘I would love very much to make a legitimate connection with Ireland and, thus, would be most indebted to any, and all, that could be of assistance.’
    • ‘The installation of a mini-roundabout would not be of assistance.’
    • ‘‘We hope this small fund and material aid will be of assistance to the victims,’ a press release stated.’
    • ‘He believed the system would be of assistance to the guards.’
    • ‘They said more of these would be of assistance to visitors.’
    • ‘If those of you near the affected region are in communication with our colleagues there, please let them know we would like to be of assistance.’
    • ‘But instead we were told that they could not be of assistance to us.’